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Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline Review

Trampolines such as the Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline have been a wonderful source of outdoor entertainment for a number of years.  The entire family can have a great time on a trampoline the size of this one.  The Pure Fun 15’ Trampoline is definitely large enough to fit multiple jumpers at one time.  What is even better is that + kids can get some exercise while having fun.

FeaturesPure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline

  • Trampolines made with strong, rust-resistant galvanized iron steel tubing using patented T-Section construction
  • Snug, secure fit of T-Section assembly ensures extra stability and prevents shifting over time
  • W-shaped legs with eight balanced contact points add stability and prevent wobbling or tipping
  • Trampoline (15-foot, 100-spring) is easy to assemble and requires no tools or extra drilling
  • High-performance steel springs provide deeper, more exciting bounce. Includes limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Certified by independent laboratory to pass all ASTM safety requirements; 250-pound maximum weight capacity

Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline Review

The Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline is a sturdy trampoline that is very large.  Sometimes a trampoline will be just a little too small to accommodate more than just a couple people.  That is not the case with this monster.  The weight limit states not to exceed 250 lbs., but we have had multiple people jumping (kids and adults) that reached about 350 lbs. with no problems.  The springs seem very well made and we didn’t notice any give in the connection between the spring and the mat.

Setup was extremely easy.  Pure Fun uses a patented T-Section assembly process to ensure the iron steel rods are securely connected to provide the best bounce without worrying about any issues with the frame.  Setup for many trampolines may require drills or extra tools to get the best assembly possible.  The only thing you will really need to assemble this trampoline is two people.  It is recommended to use either a hammer or mallet while connecting T-Sections for a snug fit.  A mallet is probably preferable so as to prevent accidental denting of the rods.  The total time for setup with two people is somewhere around 1-2 hours.

The Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline is made of sturdy material.  The frame is made of rust-resistant iron steel rods that fit together to form the circular frame.  The mat attaches to the frame by the 100 springs that come included.  The mat appears to be very well made.  It provides excellent bounce.  Not too much and not too little.  As for most outdoor trampolines, you can expect the mat to degrade over time due to weather.  Outdoor weather conditions are tough on all trampoline mats.  Springs have been know to sometimes tear off the mat, particularly when exposed to harsher weather. The best remedy for this is to either have a replacement mat ready to go when the inevitable occurs, or purchase a trampoline cover.  These covers are fairly cheap and are available at Amazon.com for a discount.

The size of the Pure Fun 15’ Trampoline is really astounding.  It can easily accommodate 3 people jumping at one time.  Tricks such as flips are definitely possible.  The size of the trampoline makes it difficult to “overjump” and fall off the trampoline.  This is simply a great trampoline that provides healthy entertainment for the entire family.


  • easy setup and assembly
  • large trampoline to handle multiple jumpers
  • sturdy construction


  • weather could impact performance


If you are thinking about purchasing this product, we recommend looking into the buying options available at Amazon.com.  They are a well-respected establishment that often offers discounts and free shipping in addition to the convenience of shopping online.

Customer Reviews of the Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline

There are various customer reviews of the Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline available at Amazon.com.  Here are a couple of the reviews that have been shortened due to length.

This review is from: Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline (Sports)

“delivery was quick, easy to put together, 5 legs instead of four like my old one makes it more sturdy.

The spring cover is a little cheap, waiting to see how long it last…”

This review is from: Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline (Sports)

“just bought it, but this looks to be a solid trampoline. I was worried about the 250 lb weight limit, but it easily handles 350 lbs since I’ve jumped on it with other people. The springs/frame seem pretty durable, and the mat looks good too. I also bought a $35 full trampoline cover, which I would recommend. Setting the trampoline up is a 2 man job by the way…”

Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline Review Conclusion

Trampolines have provided a healthy form of family entertainment for a number of years.  Flips and tricks are the norm for this type of entertainment.  Many trampolines are often too small to perform tricks if more than one person is on the trampoline at one time.  The Pure Fun 15-Foot Trampoline does not have that problem.  This is a very large trampoline able to handle multiple people at one time.  The sturdy construction and easy assembly make this a very good trampoline for the price.

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