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Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline

The Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline is a high-quality mini trampoline that makes exercising in general and jogging in particular easy.  Depending on the weather, jogging outdoors can be next to impossible.  Rain, heat, and the time of year are all deterrents to keeping a jogging routine.  Ask any casual jogger and you will find that jogging can sometimes be a challenge, particularly when the weather is bad, or when jogging on a hard surface becomes painful.   Unless you are willing to shell out the expensive costs of a gym membership, it can be quite difficult to keep an exercise routine.  Exercise trampolines such as the Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline provide an alternative to the stresses of running to get that exercise.  You will find the Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline review below.

Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline


  • Soft-Bounce spring absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce.
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, and provides incredibly efficient low impact exercise
  • All weather exercise for people off all ages and fitness levels
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty.on Frame, 5 year on cleats & Springs, 2 year on matt
  • Industrial quality construction, suitable for home, office or commercial use

Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline Review

The Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline is a Made in the U.S.A mini trampoline.  This trampoline reminds me of the toys we used to get when we were little.  It is made of sturdy equipment, not that flimsy “made in China” plastic that is so popular nowadays.  Strong springs, tightly woven fabric, and a durable frame are excellent components for a quality product that is built to last.  Another bonus for the Needak Exercise Trampoline is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 year warrant for the springs and cleats, and 2 year warranty for the mat.  That is a tough warranty to beat should anything happen.

One of the best parts about exercise trampolines, such as the Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline, is that it takes the stress out of getting a workout.  Many people jog or run to get their cardio workout.  The problem with running is that it requires cooperation from the weather and is very stressful on the knees and ankles.  Weather can be dealt with by getting a gym membership, but sometimes it isn’t convenient to go to the gym with traffic and everything.  The Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline lets you get a workout in the comfort of your own home.  Want to watch a little television while running?  No problem, just put the Needak trampoline in front of the T.V. and get running.

This mini trampoline is small and light enough that it can be moved without much hassle to almost anywhere in your home.  Although it is not a folding trampoline that can be easily stored, it is still small enough to be propped up almost anywhere that is out of the way.  Putting it behind a couch or bed  for example is an ideal hideaway spot.

Another excellent feature of this trampoline is that it includes an informative book when you buy.  The book includes information on how to get the most out of jumping exercises and the benefits of trampolines as exercising equipment.  The Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline really provides an all-around workout, even for your brain!


  • sturdy trampoline with excellent quality
  • great exercise without the stress of jogging
  • informative book with purchase


  • non-folding trampoline


If you are thinking about purchasing this product, we recommend looking into the buying options available at Amazon.com.  They are a well-respected establishment that often offers discounts and free shipping in addition to the convenience of shopping online.

Customer Reviews of the Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline

The Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline has over 15 customer reviews available at Amazon.com.  The average rating for this mini trampoline is 5 stars.  Here are a couple of the consumer reviews that have been shortened due to length.

This review is from: Needak Rebounder – R20-Non-Folding Soft Bounce Platinum Blue Edition Trampoline (Toy)

“I love this product! I started bouncing about a year ago. I had purchased an Urban Rebounder and I really loved it, but it the pad wore out. I decided to try the Needak and I am not sorry! It is a very sturdy product. It is not as noisy as the cheaper models. I bounce every day before my kids wake up. I record TV shows and watch while I am working out…”

This review is from: Needak Rebounder – R20-Non-Folding Soft Bounce Platinum Blue Edition Trampoline (Toy)

“I had never even used a rebounder before I purchased the Needak rebounder. The quality is excellent and the bounce is really “soft” as they claim. I have been using it daily for 3 months, 30 minutes a day, with none of the stress injuries of jogging…”

Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline Review Conclusion

Mini trampolines are a great alternative to the traditional methods of working out.  Ever wondered why most gyms have some form of trampoline workout?  It’s because they work!  The aerobic exercise provided by exercise trampolines just cannot be underestimated.  The Needak Rebounder Exercise Trampoline is one of the premier exercise trampolines available today.  The quality is second-to-none and should last for many years.  We all go through cycles of motivation when we decide to start getting more exercise.  I know I have been guilty of being gung-ho about getting exercise right after New Year’s Day and then tapering off as the days pass by.  An exercise trampoline in your house will increase your motivation because it is fun and less stressful than the traditional methods.  You really can’t beat working out while watching your favorite program on television.

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