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Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline Review

The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline review takes a look at another excellent product from Needak.  Needak is a well known manufacturer of quality exercise trampolines.  They have produced mini trampolines that get rave reviews from just about everyone who use trampolines to bounce on. The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder exercise trampoline line of exercise trampolines follows this tradition of providing exceptional quality for a fair price.  You can find the Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline review below.

FeaturesNeedak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline review

  • Soft-Bounce spring absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce.
  • Industrial quality construction, suitable for home, office or commercial use
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, and provides incredibly efficient low impact exercise
  • All weather exercise for people off all ages and fitness levels
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty.on Frame, 5 year on cleats & Springs, 2 year on matt

Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline Review

The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder trampoline is an exercise trampoline that strives to produce a quality bouncing experience for anyone looking to get in shape by jumping on a mini trampoline.  This Needak mini trampoline is equipped with Soft Bounce technology.  The Soft Bounce means that the majority of the stress that is put on the knees, legs, and ankles is absorbed by the mat and springs.  This greatly benefits those that are serious about a workout by protecting your limbs.

The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder trampoline is made of very high quality material that is built to last.  The frame is very strong as you can tell when you try to pick it up.  This is a heavy mini trampoline that just feels extremely sturdy.  Due to the weight of the trampoline, it may be difficult to carry for a smaller person.  In addition, the mat is permatron material.  This is widely regarded as the best material for exercise trampoline mats.  The mat has excellent bounce that is forgiving and doesn’t feel too rigid like some of the cheaper mini trampoline models.

Needak places great importance on the quality of their products.  The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder mini trampoline backs this up by providing one of the best warranties around.  They offer a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the cleats and springs, and a 2 year warrant on the trampoline mat.  I honestly don’t know how you could possibly ever need to replace the frame unless it is going to be dropped from a skyscraper building.  The 5 year warranty on the springs will probably come in handy since mini trampoline springs are notorious for breaking over time.  They usually last 2-3 years, although we suspect the Needak rebounder springs will last longer due to the quality of construction.

The best feature of this trampoline besides the workmanship is that it is fold-able for portability.  As noted earlier, this is a heavy mini trampoline so don’t try to carry it with you “everywhere”, but there shouldn’t be any problems with taking it on business trips or when you plan on an extended vacation.  The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline also comes with a carrying bag that you can place the exercise trampoline in.  It is very similar to the material used to make backpacks (durable).


  • Excellent quality and construction
  • Foldable trampoline for portability
  • Great warranty in the event something goes wrong


  • Heavy mini trampoline


If you are thinking about purchasing this product, we recommend looking into the buying options available at Amazon.com.  They are a well-respected establishment that often offers discounts and free shipping in addition to the convenience of shopping online.

Customer Reviews of the Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline

The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline has over 10 customer reviews available at Amazon.com.  The average customer rating for this exercise trampoline is 4.5 stars.  Here are a couple of those reviews that have been shortened due to length.

This review is from: Needak R01 Rebounder Soft Bounce Black Half Fold With Free Bag (Toy)

“Bought this rebounder a few months ago for my 8 year old son and 11 year old daughter. Placed it in front of the TV. They both love exercising on it while watching TV. My daughter recently mentioned how good it makes her feel. ”

This review is from: Needak R01 Rebounder Soft Bounce Black Half Fold With Free Bag (Toy)

“The Needak Rebounder is a high quality product. The frame is strong and stable (I do pushups on it); the bounce is even, non-jarring, and responsive whether I’m doing the health bounce or athletic bounce; the mat is permatron-the best for a rebounder; the unit is quiet; it’s easy to fold, unfold, and set-up (just follow the directions), I’m a small woman and had no problems at all; and it’s made in the USA (something that’s important to me)…”

Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline Review Conclusion

The Needak R01 Foldable Rebounder Trampoline provides an excellent method for you to get that workout you are looking for without having to worry about going to the gym.  This mini trampoline allows buyers to set it up in front of the television and get exercise while watching your favorite program.  It is also easily stored since it is a fold-able trampoline.  The excellent quality and construction ensure it will last for a number of years.  Needak is one of the leaders in the exercise trampoline industry and this Needak rebounder mini trampoline doesn’t disappoint.

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