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Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder Review

The Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder review examines this high-capacity rebounder designed for heavier users of an exercise trampoline.  Many mini trampolines are often well designed, but are unable to withstand some of the heavier people that may want to use them.  You will often have to go to a gym to find an exercise trampoline that is capable of supporting over 300 lbs. of weight.  This Needak rebounder claims to do just that.  You can find the Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder review below.

FeaturesNeedak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder Review

  • Designed for Users Over 300 pounds
  • American made
  • Folding frame
  • Stabilizing Bar for balance
  • Comes with carrying case for easy travel or storage
  • Constructed with Steel, Rubber and Permatron
  • Accommodates different weights making it great for gyms and fitness centers
  • 30 day Money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty

Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder Review

The Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder is an exercise trampoline manufactured by Needak, a well respected and trusted maker of mini trampolines.  They are made in America and the quality is obvious.  Many exercise trampolines found in discount stores are somewhat light and feel almost like you could tip over on one if you stand on the frame.  There is no feeling of anything like that with this rebounder.

The frame is constructed using heavy-gauge steel that lends itself to the sturdiness of this mini trampoline.  The Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder also uses this same steel construction for the various springs that make up the exercise trampoline.  This steel construction ensures that the mini trampoline will last for a very long time.  The steel also adds to the weight of this mini trampoline.  When you fold the exercise trampoline and carry it using the case, you can really feel the weight of the trampoline.  It is not too much if you are somewhat strong yourself, but I wouldn’t want to carry it too terribly far.

The Needak trampoline mat is made of Permatron.  This is widely regarded as the best material currently available for exercise trampoline mat construction.  It is very strong and provides excellent bounce for the jumper.

The Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder is specially designed for jumpers who weigh over 300 lbs.  This is unusual for most exercise trampoline.  Not only that, it is hard to even find weight specifications for many other mini trampolines.  Needak stands behind its products, so they have no issues divulging these specifics.

The Needak mini trampoline can support people of all shapes and sizes because of the solid construction and excellent materials used.  The strong steel frame and Permatron trampoline mat are capable of withstanding a heavier person using this exercise trampoline for years.  Many gyms use the Needak trampoline because of its high weight capacity.

The Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder is also an excellent mini trampoline because of its portability.  It is capable of being folded as well as including a carrying case with purchase.  We are all fairly busy and must travel on occasion.  Finding a gym in a foreign city is next to impossible.  Now, you can take your workout with you when using the Needak exercise trampoline.  The weight of this rebounder does make it somewhat cumbersome, but as long as you aren’t trying to carry it for miles it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


  • sturdy and durable rebounder
  • high-capacity rebounder (supports over 300 lbs.)
  • foldable exercise trampoline for portability
  • stabilizing bar for balance


  • fairly heavy mini trampoline


If you are thinking about purchasing this product, we recommend looking into the buying options available at Amazon.com.  They are a well-respected establishment that often offers discounts and free shipping in addition to the convenience of shopping online.

Customer Reviews of the Needak Rebounder

The Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder has 1 customer review available at Amazon.com.  The customer reviewing this exercise trampoline gives it a 5 star rating.  Here is that customer review shortened due to length.

This review is from: Needak Folding Hard-Bounce rebounder Black w/Stabilizing Bar – R03-05

“This re-bounder is a great product and in my opinion well worth the money. I used another, just as expensive, and it broke the first time I got on it. I was devastated but determined to find a re-bounder I could use. I wanted to use a re-bounder because in Florida it gets too hot to exercise outdoors and sometimes I get a stitch in my sciatica when walking so I wanted something high results low impact. I did extra research after the first fiasco and found that this one is made extremely well (right here in America). I would call it the “Cadillac of re-bounders” I went with Amazon because it was the best price over all and if you have the “Prime” you get free shipping and with the weight of the product…made the difference…”

Needak Folding Rebounder Review Conclusion

It can be fairly difficult to find a high-capacity exercise trampoline.  That is somewhat ironic since many of us that may want to use the trampoline are often overweight.  Shouldn’t all of them be able to sustain a heavier weight?  Well, thankfully the Needak Folding Hard Bounce Rebounder is capable of doing exactly that.  The solid construction and excellent materials make it the perfect mini trampoline for those of us of the heavier persuasion.  It provides excellent bounce, portability, and lifetime warranty.  The lifetime warranty is proof of how much Needak believes in their products.  You really can’t go wrong with this exercise trampoline if you are looking for a quality workout that will last for years.

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