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How to Protect Your Large Trampoline from High Winds

Large trampolines are an excellent source of fun, entertainment, and exercise.  Unfortunately, high winds can play havoc with an object as large as a trampoline.  If the wind is strong enough, it can pick up your large trampoline and turn it into a sail.  This can cause quite a bit of damage to any number of objects in its path (vehicles, homes, or even people).  In addition, to causing damage to other objects, it is highly probable that the trampoline itself will also be damaged from flying through the air or rolling on the ground during a storm.  The best method is to prepare for these high winds before they come.  You can find a couple tips for protecting your large trampoline from high winds below.

Large Trampoline

Protect Your Large Trampoline with an Anchor Kit

Trampoline anchor kits are the best method to protect your large trampoline from high winds.  A variety of trampoline anchor kits are available in online venues such as Amazon.com.  They are often designed using stakes and straps to secure your trampoline to the ground.

The stakes are placed in equal distances apart from each other and then attached to the frame of the trampoline by the straps.  This ensures the large trampoline is protected from high winds, no matter what direction the winds may be blowing from.

Many trampoline anchor kits will differ in their setup, but here is a general idea for what you should do while installing a trampoline anchor kit.  Please refer to your instruction manual for a complete guide.

  1.  The first item on the agenda is positioning the trampoline correctly.  The large trampoline must be positioned on level ground so the stakes can be properly secured without one side being exposed to high winds more than another.  In addition, do not position your large trampoline over sand.  The best trampoline anchor kits work by digging into the ground using a “corkscrew” type stake.  These stakes will not work well in sand obviously.
  2. Screw your trampoline stakes into the ground.  Ensure that the stakes are deep in the ground and cannot be removed by simply pulling on them.  If your trampoline anchor kit does not employ a “corkscrew” stake, a mallet can be useful in hammering them into the ground.
  3. Attach the straps to one stake and ensure it will reach the large trampoline.  Follow this procedure with all the stakes.  Make sure they have an equal distance from the trampoline.  A tape measure may be useful in this step.
  4. Use whatever fastening mechanism (often hooks) to attach the straps to the trampoline frame.
  5. Test the trampoline.  Try to move the trampoline.  High winds can put enormous force on a large trampoline.  If you can move it, you better believe high winds can move it too.  If the trampoline can be moved in any fashion, re-position the stakes and ensure the straps are taut.

There is a quick rundown on how to install a trampoline anchor kit to protect your trampoline during high winds.  Of course, each of the various models will have their own instructions and may differ from these steps.  Use common sense and good judgement when setting up your large trampoline protection device.


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