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How to Increase your Trampoline Safety Rating

Trampolines are an excellent source of fun and entertainment for the entire family.  They have a number of uses including increasing fitness, balance, and coordination in addition to just having fun.  A major concern with jumping on one of these bouncing devices is the safety associated with trampolines.  Jumpers can misjudge a jump and find themselves flying off of their trampoline to land on the hard ground.  In addition, trampolines are made of hard materials.  The frames are often constructed using galvanized steel which can cause injury if jumpers are not protected.  You can find how to increase the safety rating of your trampoline below.

Trampoline Safety

Trampoline Safety Enclosures

Trampoline safety enclosures are a popular method used to increase the safety of large trampolines.  A trampoline safety enclosure is a device that surrounds your trampoline with netting that ensures jumpers cannot go flying off the trampoline.  These enclosures are often made of very sturdy material that can repel up to 300 lbs. of force.   The netting is attached to the trampoline through poles that attach to the frame of the trampoline.  Depending on the quality of the trampoline safety enclosure, these trampoline safety accessories can last for quite awhile (4-5 years).

Trampoline safety enclosures are one of the premier methods of protecting jumpers while bouncing on larger trampolines.  They even make these enclosures for kids trampolines all the way down to the 55” models.  They can be somewhat pricey at times, but the safety provided by these trampoline enclosures is top-notch.

Editor’s Note:

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Trampoline Safety Spring Pads

Trampoline safety spring pads are pads that encompasses the springs on your trampoline.  On circular or round trampolines they will go all the way around the trampoline to protect any jumpers from landing on the metal springs which can injure the jumper.  Trampoline safety spring pads have become a common device sold with the trampoline.  If you purchase a trampoline that does not have the accompanying spring safety pad, you should consider purchasing them as add-dons for relatively cheap.

In-Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are becoming more popular every year.  The basic premise for an in-ground trampoline is that the trampoline is closer to the ground so if someone falls off, it will not be very far to the ground.  Some will put their trampoline in the ground to keep from having to purchase a trampoline safety enclosure.  Incorporating a double-pronged approach to trampoline safety may be the best method in this case.  Do both, it can’t hurt right?

Making your trampoline an in-ground trampoline can sometimes be a rather difficult task.  You must dig a sizeable hole in the ground so the trampoline is flush with soil.  In addition, you must make sure that rain and weather will not cause the hole to erode to the point that the trampoline is buried underground.  What if you want to move the trampoline at a later date?  Get ready to start digging again!  Making your trampoline an in-ground trampoline can certainly increase the safety rating of your trampoline, but it may take some work to do it right.

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